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ET Jeff Naiser 4.44

MPH Mike Brown

169.19 Texas Motorplex

Texas King of the Hill always starts its season out at Texas Raceway, well after one rainout and one rained out reschedule date it finally happened.

Seventeen cars made it out to TXR to get into the 16 Car field. Jeff Naiser coming off his #1 qualifying spot at Pine Valley the previous week took the #1 spot again with a 4.538 @ 161.52, Turbo Todd Moyer took the #2 spot at 4.608 @ 1159.63. Todd really has the car running great this year, after his runner up at the ORSCA race earlier this month the rest of the country has realized some of the Texas cars are for real. Kevin Hargett rounded off the top three with a 4.62 @ 158.36. That’s two turbos in the top three, are the turbos getting serious ??. Corey Wheat with Billy Stocklin on the laptop doing his thing was 4th with a 4.63 and Darrin Wade finally made it back out after about 8 months of downtime waiting on parts, first a crank then a block they have been snake bit the last year but they are coming around now Darrin took the #5 spot with a 4.641 his personal best congratulations to the Wade crew for making it back out. Chris Shortridge was 6th with a 4.646, another KOTH newcomer this year is Rick Hilton out of Moody Tx he came in at the 7th spot with a 4.652 the rest of the field came in as follows, Greg Pizzino 4.671, Kenny Hubbard 4.761. Bud Morgan 4.805, Luis Hildago 4.805. Matt Jones provided the fireworks with an awesome Nitrous Backfire in the first round but came back in the second round to qualify in the 12th spot, Randy Moore was 13th with a 5.014,
And Travis Orr was 14th in his Just Clownin 67 camaro this was a motor pass only the car is brand new and check out the pictures of this paint job. Al Sneed 5.289 and Troy Pitts rounded out the field with a 5.305 in his little white luv truck. One more to mention Gaylen Smith of the Texas Bounty Hunter fame has purchased the old checkerboard camaro we all remember, he got it that day slapped a clutch in it and got a set of tires and tried to qualify but didn’t make it they shook the tires pretty hard, still its great to see that car back out.

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Eliminations brought some surprises in the later rounds, but the first round went to the higher qualifier in most cases. Troy Pitts lined up against the “Hustler” himself Greg Pizzino with Pizzino taking the win 4.65 @ 160.73 to Troys 5.345 @ 130.32, the next pair was Matt Jones # 12 vs Corey Wheat coming in at #4 with the first UPSET of the night with Matt winning with a 4.61 @ 159.53 to Coreys 4.63 @ 159, Chris Shortridge out of Temple TX was next up with Travis Orr in the Just Clownin car check out the pictures of the car its probably the WILDEST paint job you will ever see on an Outlaw 10.5 car pictures can be seen at The paint didn’t help him though Shortridge made short order of Travis with a 4.63 to a 5.12, Travis did tell me later that was a motor pass, it is powered by a 816 Sonny Leonard motor. #2 qualifer Todd Moyer was next and Bud Morgan driving Fernando Ayalas 69 Camaro, Bud had nitrous problems leaving and Todd cruised to the win with a 4.56 to Buds 5.50. Next up was 2007 Newcomer Rick Hilton out of Moody TX taking the win over Al Sneed with a 4.76 to Al’s 5.005, Kevin Hargett in the turbo mustang and Luis Hildago lined up next with Kevin taking the win 4.62 @ 156 to a 4.885 @ 149. for Luis. The next pair was . Darrin Wade took on Randy Moore with Darrin taking the win with a 4.646 @ 157 to Randys 5.025 @ 140.99. And Jeff Naiser beat his qualifying time with a low et for the night of 4.528 in a win over Kenny Hubbard.

Round Two

The first pair down the track in the second round found Matt Jones matched up wth Greg Pizzino with Greg running one of the best times I have seen him run all year a 4.58 @ 161.47 to Matt’s 4.63 @ 159.47, in somewhat of the first upset of the night Todd Moyer went in a little too far and deep staged against Chris Shortridge the deep stage drew the red light for Moyer which was lucky for Chris he broke a U-Joint about half track and coasted through with a 15.01. Rick Hilton got Kevin Hargett in the second round with Rick taking the win 4.64 @ 155 to Kevin’s 4.85, In the biggest upset of the night Darrin Wade took out Jeff Naiser with a personal best of 4.584 @ 156.61 to Jeff’s 4.614 @ 159.93.

Semi Finals

Semi finals found Pizzino and Shortridge going at it with Shortridge winning with a 4.650 to Greg’s 4.840 and Hilton with a big time holeshot win over Wade 4.71 to Darrins 4.58.

This brought the first ever CENTRAL TX final round. Hilton from Moody and Shortridge from Temple. It turned out to be a non climatic race when Hilton couldn’t make the call he told me later he had hurt it in the race with Wade. So Chris Shortridge takes is second KOTH win with a single pass of 4.62 @ 157.15. So with a turbo car winning and two of the top three qualifiers being turbo cars is that the sign of the future ??
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