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ET Jeff Naiser 4.44

MPH Mike Brown

169.19 Texas Motorplex




Designation: O/L or Outlaw followed by the number, numbers must be 4″ high on both side windows, front window and back glass.

Body: Can be any factory produced coupe, sedan, sportscar, truck or sedan delivery. Must retain complete stock roof, quarters, door jams, pillar post, cowl and firewall. All other body components may be composite or other light material. They must be factory in dimensions. Channeling, chopping, sectioning or any other alternations to alter length, width, or height strictly prohibited.

Doors: Must be functional from inside and outside of vehicle. Exact duplicates in carbon fiber fiberglass allowed.

Firewall: Must be in OEM produced location. May be notched for bell housing, distributor, blower, and exaust. Smoothing of firewall allowed. Must consist of sheet metal (steel). Firewall sheet metal must cover(not replace) entire firewall.

Hood and front end: One piece liftoff type front end allowed. Hood must be separate from front fenders and bumper.

Headlights and taillights: Must have functioning headlights and taillights. They must be in the factory location and must be stock in appearance. Taillight must function with brakes. Hide-away headlamp style vehicles must have some type of working headlights, at least behind headlight grill. In case of hidden headlights that completely fold away with no grills, fog lights may be used.

Lettering and Decals: Sponsorship decal limited to windows. One decal per side of hood scoop. One decal allowed each side of wing spill plate. 1 official KOTH decal required on each side of window.

Spoilers: Limited to 20″ from body transition point to the trailing edge. Spill plate size limited to 8″ maximum height and 36″ in length. Spoiler must be a maximum of 4″ wider(allowance for wider quarter panel allowed at tech decision)

Body length: Plus or minus 2″ from factoy dimensions

Chassis: Back half chassis only. Chassis certification must comply track’s and or santioning bodies required as per speeds and ET’s obtained. No full round tube chassis allowed. Back half section must not extend forward past rear most portion of the k-member or cross member. Stock frame rails from the firewall forward must be retained, with a minimum of 4″ forward of the front engine mounting plate.

Driver location: Must be in stock location. Drivers shoulder must not be rearward of forward most portion of b-pillar.(exception for taller drivers allowed per tech decision).

Front suspension: Stock type and configuration front suspension required. All lower control arms must bolt to the k-member or cross member. No suspension component can mount to strut tube or lower main frame rail. After market spindles and a-arms allowed. Modifying of shock/strut towers allowed for header and engine clearance only. Must retain at least 50% of original tower. Upper strut tube may be graphed in to strut/shock tower. Spring and or shock may be relocated.(tech decision final).

Nostalgia rule applicable for 1980 and older vehicles. Option #1: Factory frame rail must be retained all other interstructure and unibody support may be removed from the firewall forward.

Option #2: After market bolt in subframe allowed. Must bolt in unaltered stock OEM mounting locations. OEM suspension configuration required. Sub frame must be 2″x3″ square or larger.

Option #3: Aftermarket bolt in round tube subframe allowed. Must bolt in all unaltered stock OEM locations. OEM suspension configuration required. 50 lb penalty for usage.

Rear suspension: Any rear suspension system allowed. Minimum 2 hydraulic-shock absorber. No rigid mounted rear axels allowed.

Ground clearance: 3″(three) minimum for entire length of vehicle and all components(headers, oil pan, chassis)etc.

Wheelbase: Maximum of 1″ plus or minus from factory dimension.

Engine: Any engine size allowed. Limited to single automotive type engine.

Exhaust: Must have functional mufflers mounted in the exhaust flow(cone inserts not allowed) except turbo entries. Exhaust must be directed toward rear of vehicle and must exit at least 12″ behind rear of front axle centerline.

Electronics: All electronic devices allowed except optical censoring devise that work off of tree.

Transmission: Any type of transmission allowed.

Wheels and tires: Must be automotive type designed for racing. Maximum of up to 10.5 with side wall designation slick, or 13.5 side wall designation DOT tire allowed.

Interior: Must have stock dash or stock appearing for vehicle. Composite or other light weight material allowed. Must have door panels.

Weights: SB nitrous, V6 any power and number adders 2700# BB & Turbo, Supercharger-3000#. Nostalgia cars (1980 or older) deduct 50#.

General rules: When both pre-stage bulbs are activated, either side stage light will start a 7-second stage count. Failure to activate stage bulb within the 7 seconds will result in disqualification. (starters decision is final) Disqualification will be based on a first or worst situation. (track official decision final). Rules on controversial situations will be final at the discretion of track and/or tech official.

All outlaw 10.5 vehicles must cross scales BEFORE all qualifying and eliminations. If race track provides scales, scaling will be done wherever scales are located(return road ect.) If scaling is done after the run, you will be required to drive to the scales unless accompanied by a KOTH staff member.

KOTH races will run on 16 car sportsman ladder and a .400 Pro-Tree.(unless otherwise stated prior to race)